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BlastDesign: bench blasting software

BlastDesign is used in the quarrying industry to calculate theoretical blast designs.

BlastDesign is being developed and marketed through a collaboration between Anleggsdata AS and the Department of Civil and Transport Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

BlastDesign can be used to create more advanced blast patterns. The software includes theoretical calculations that can be visualised and edited using advanced drawing functions.

The software’s calculations are based on empirical data gathered by the Department of Civil and Transport Engineering at NTNU (project reports 12c-00 and 12b-98). You can also add to or override these calculations using your own empirical data.

BlastDesign includes the following main functions:

  • calculation of necessary drilling based on empirical data
  • blast design: drilling, charging and firing patterns
  • calculation of key values: drilling metres, explosive consumption, charge volume, etc.

Options and benefits when using the software:

  • design the bench’s restricted area
  • document the design for blasting and subsequent monitoring
  • convert the theoretical drilling plan into a drawing showing the drilling pattern including spacing and burden
  • edit each individual hole or groups of holes
  • connect the holes in a firing pattern
  • print at various levels of detail